I am an approachable and experienced psychotherapist with over 10 years experience I work online with clients internationally and see clients face to face in rural East Cork, 20 minutes from Cork city and 10 minutes from Cobh, Carrigtwohill and Midleton.  I’m originally from the UK and moved to Ireland in 2020 with my family.

Do you need psychotherapy? 

Psychotherapy and counselling can provide an opportunity for reflection and personal growth. I don’t have expectations of what you should look, feel or be like or of what you should bring. I have met and worked with people from all walks of life and ages, from those who have come to resolve some ‘stuckness‘ to those who are looking to get more out of life.

cropped-1429037_724096201.jpgPsychotherapy can provide an opportunity to gain a greater awareness of yourself. This can lead to the discovery of your own untapped potential.

Why might you feel this way?

The stress of modern life can lead us to experience anxiety, depression and many other symptoms. Whilst bereavement, change and loss are all natural processes, they can also be painful and destabilizing which can create feelings of anger, helplessness and vulnerability.  In turn, these can also resurface ‘unfinished business’ from our past which we havent had the opportunity to process or resolve.

These feelings and experiences can seriously impact our lives including our relationships, physical health and work such that it can sometimes feel we are out of control. In a world where we are constantly told that we should be happy and healthy it can feel confusing and isolating when we feel the opposite. In fact, these reactions are really normal, it’s just that it can often take great courage to talk about our feelings with other people.  

 cropped-1386876_44437613.jpgWhatever the trigger, psychotherapy is a safe and supported way to navigate through these issues.

What happens in psychotherapy? 

My role is to support you.  My style of therapy is caring, supportive and creative.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach that I work to.  I enjoy working flexibly to meet both your needs in the moment and as these change over time.

Gestalt Psychotherapy

As a Gestalt psychotherapist, I believe that people potentially have all the necessary abilities to solve their problems or face their difficulties. However,  sometimes they get stuck and need assistance.  My task as a psychotherapist is to help you see more clearly what your situation is, find out how you are part of it, and experiment with finding new solutions.